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The best Black Friday deal isn't at a big-box store....

November 21st, 2007 at 11:30 pm

It's at the grocery store!!!

Just a friendly reminder that the day after Thanksgiving is the PRIME time to buy beef, pork, and chicken marked down. Get a bunch, and freeze it. Look for whole beef roasts, fancy cut items like stuffed pork roasts and herb-crusted beef roasts that were a fortune on today and didn't sell. Last year, I got an herb-crusted rib roast that was probably 7 pounds that normally retailed for about $90 for $15. I bought a couple of them and cut them into steaks and saved two whole ones, one for christmas and one for new years.

If you have a $$ off X coupon (like a $10 off $50 or something) that makes this even sweeter. The real money to be saved is in the grocery store!

Also look for holiday plates, napkins, cups, etc to be at least 1/2 off. They have to move the stuff from Thanksgiving quickly to make room for the Christmas stuff. Also keep an eye out for deals on things like foil roasting pans to be marked down a bit, because they will likely jump in cost right before christmas again, so if you need them, get them now. Orange and black frosting and sprinkles will be marked down as well.

So, if you don't want to fight the crowds and you still want a good deal, head to the grocery store instead!

What's HOT this week - General Mills, Pillsbury and more

October 3rd, 2007 at 01:20 am

Boy, just when I thought my stockpile was full - it's going to get fuller.

At this point, it's more thrill of the hunt than anything. All the GM product lines are on serious sale starting today. I'll be digging through my coupons and printing them as fast as I can to get in on some of these deals. And it will make great stuffy-stuff for the food bank.

Here's the deal....

Start by grabbing the new printable coupons - hot off the presses this week.

I love the first of the month, all the printables get updated.


Print off everything you can for GM, Pillsbury, progresso, green giant, yoplait....it's all on sale.

This week at Albertsons, most of these items are going to be 10/$10, and then there's another good sized chunk including some cereals that are going to be 10/$15. If you didn't shop with coupons at all, $1.50 a box for cereal compared to retial isn't a bad price. But if you can print out coupons or look for the blinkie GM coupons or peelable $1/1 coupons, you're going to get an even better deal. And I don't know many people that won't eat at least some kind of cereal.

And know that it's not all junk. Cheerios are in the Alberstons sale if you're trying to limit your group on sugary cereals.

So, print some coupons, grab your ads to match up the best deals to the coupons. Remember, if you print coupons, you can print each one twice per printer.

Happy shopping!!!

What's hot this week? QUAKER!!!!

September 22nd, 2007 at 04:04 pm

Four trips to the store...four times pulling out the debit card. In the course of an two hours, I saved $801 over retail on snacks and breakfast items.

It's that time of year again...my favorite time actually. Quaker sales are fast and furious right now.

Look in your store ads. Many stores in the country have $3 off 5 items. And dozens of stores have some kind of deal on assorted quaker items. Quaker items include Aunt Jemima pancake mix and syrup, as well as Life Cereal and Cap'n Crunch.

Here was the deal that save me the bucks and netted me 200 items for $36.

Albertsons in my neck of the woods has the Quaker items 10 for $15 with a $5 off instant savings at the register, and it can be used multiple times.

Between the $3 off $5 and a ton of manufacturers coupons from the Sunday paper I'd accumulated, I have enough to bring down each item, normally retailing between $3.29 and $4.59, down to .18c each. That's .18c for syrup, pancake mix, granola bars. 200 items literally filled an entire shelf in my garage.

Crazy thing is, I have enough coupons to grab another 100 items, and because many of the ones I have are $1/1 coupons, I'll probably be out of pocket $10.

You're probably thinking there's no way they'd use all that stuff, so why bother?

Well, you're right - we won't use it all. But others will, and for the price, I'm happy to give some away.

I have a brother-in-law who has raised my two nephews on his own since my sister is a flake...I give to them regularly.

The school likes the kids to bring things for snack once a month. Some kids can't afford to bring, so the teacher winds up out of pocket. 10 boxes of granola bars will keep her in snacks for the entire class for 5 days. So, we have enough to do that for several months, and I don't mind donating $1.80 to the kids' classrooms that way. Five days of snacks might have run her $30 for 20 kids, so I'm glad to help her keep $300 in her pocket this year.

The foodbank down the road rarely gets "the good stuff". For me, the good stuff is stuff you know a kid will eat instead of some of the weird food items that get donated there. And while people's hearts are in the right place when they donate, it's a shame if the food won't get used because the kids won't eat it. Oatmeal, cereal, and pancake fixings go a long way with little kids, and they're a nice way to encourage sitting around the table for a meal together when someone actually cooks.

Most ads end on Tuesday of this coming week, so RUN, don't walk, if your store has these deals. If you don't get in on them this time around, don't worry. Quaker sales are hot twice a year...once in Sept/Oct and again in January. So watch for quaker coupons with long expiration dates and hang on to them, because they are surely almost as good as cash when you can land that much food that has that many uses.

Happy Shopping!!!

Ok, here's a smattering of hot deals this week

September 10th, 2007 at 01:12 am

I'm going to try and do these generically because I realize that not everyone has the same deals as I do in other parts of the country.

But in general this week, we're still in back to school mode for groceries. This is the time of year that General Mills, (and by extension, Pillsbury and all other GM brands) and Campbells run some of their best sales of the year.

First off, get some paper in the printer cause you're going to be printing some coupons (if your stores accept printable coupons).




Ok. Have you looked those two pages over? Here's what you need to print.

Any of the GM coupons from the first site....those are just plain HOT!!! $1.10 off a box of cereal? This week at many stores across the country, Curves cereal can be had for about $1.50 a box. So with the $1.10 coupon, you're looking at .40c. Even better, is if your store doubles, you might save more on this.

Then there's the $1.00 coupon for pillsbury canned dough. The italian doughs like Pizza crust are on sale for $1.50 or less. Mine were actually $10/10 so I got them for free.

Warm bowls, progresso soups, fruit rolls, yoplait....the list goes on and on and it's all on sale. I went and spent $33 the other day (needed some high value items on this trip, so I spent more than if I had just bought the GM items) and I saved $115.

Switching gears, the Campbell's company has all their goodies on sale. Goldfish crackers, prego spaghetti sauce, soup....it's all on sale everywhere. In today's paper, there were all the coupons you could possibly need to use for match ups. So if you can snag some from other people who are foolish enough not to use them, then grab them and buy multiples of this stuff.

My favorite deal is going to be spaghetti sauce. The Prego is on sale everywhere. It's $1.25 a jar here....it's .67c a jar with no coupons at a store called Smith's in WY if you bought 15 jars. We got coupons valued at .40c/1, and I can use a double coupon with it, so for me, I am going to pay .45c per jar after coupons for spaghetti sauce that's normally $2.69-$2.99 a jar. One jar will cover my family for about 2 meals (not all my boys do spaghetti sauce.

It's sales like these that are so imporant to hold all your coupons, because when they strike, they strike hard and you're chasing deals all over the place, but saving big bucks in the process.

Watch for a whole blog on Sales Cycles. I've tracked what comes on sale when for the last several years, and have a comprehensive list to share so you can plan ahead for your deals.

Happy Shopping!!!