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What's HOT this week - General Mills, Pillsbury and more

October 3rd, 2007 at 01:20 am

Boy, just when I thought my stockpile was full - it's going to get fuller.

At this point, it's more thrill of the hunt than anything. All the GM product lines are on serious sale starting today. I'll be digging through my coupons and printing them as fast as I can to get in on some of these deals. And it will make great stuffy-stuff for the food bank.

Here's the deal....

Start by grabbing the new printable coupons - hot off the presses this week.

I love the first of the month, all the printables get updated.


Print off everything you can for GM, Pillsbury, progresso, green giant, yoplait....it's all on sale.

This week at Albertsons, most of these items are going to be 10/$10, and then there's another good sized chunk including some cereals that are going to be 10/$15. If you didn't shop with coupons at all, $1.50 a box for cereal compared to retial isn't a bad price. But if you can print out coupons or look for the blinkie GM coupons or peelable $1/1 coupons, you're going to get an even better deal. And I don't know many people that won't eat at least some kind of cereal.

And know that it's not all junk. Cheerios are in the Alberstons sale if you're trying to limit your group on sugary cereals.

So, print some coupons, grab your ads to match up the best deals to the coupons. Remember, if you print coupons, you can print each one twice per printer.

Happy shopping!!!

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